KYC Policy

Customers of Cali Unlimited (the “Company”) shall be subject to identification and verification procedures as stipulated below. Customers shall not be allowed to play if they are not registered with the Company and if they do not hold a player account with the Company.

The Company will form a “KYC” Committee which will perform all reviews pursuant to this policy. As used herein, “KYC” stands for “Know Your Customer.”

The following information shall be requested from customers who opt to play for real money upon registration:

– Email address;

– Full legal name;

– Date of birth;

– Current and Previous Address;

– Phone Number(s); and

– Age Verification. Customers who are not at least 18 years of age shall automatically not be allowed to register.

During this process, the Company will collect the following documentation from the customer in order to verify the customer’s identify:


1) One or More Proofs of Identification

  1. The customer’s signature must be visible on the identification card.
  2. The full name shown on the identification card must match the customer’s name.
  3. The identification document must not expire in the three (3) months immediately following the date of the customer’s registration.
  4. The customer is over 21 years of age.

2) One or More Proofs of Residence

  1. The customer must show his or residence by providing a bank statement or utility bill.
  2. The full name shown on the document must match the customer’s name and the identification card.
  3. The document must have been issued within three (3) months immediately preceding the date of the customer’s registration.

3) Selfie with Identification Card

  1. Holder is the same person identified in the identification card.
  2. The identification document is the same document that the customer provided to the Company in “1” above. The Company is specifically instructed to ensure that the photo and identification number in the identification card and the photo are identical.

4) Verification of Source of Funds

Once the documentation is uploaded, the customer will get a “Temporarily Approved” Status, and the KYC Team will have twenty-four hours to review the documentation and email the user about the outcome:

– Approval

– Rejection

– More Information Needed – No Change in Status

When the customer has been granted “Temporarily Approved” Status then:

– They may use the platform normally;

– They cannot complete any withdrawal.

If the Company is unable to verify the identity of the customer so that the customer is “Rejected,” a support ticket is created in the system. The ticket number and an explanation of the reason the customer’s request to use the website was rejected will be communicated to the customer. If a customer has not satisfied the requirements of the KYC review, they are prohibited from making additional deposits or withdrawals of any amount.

If a user has successfully satisfied the terms of the KYC review, then they will be “Approved”.

Prior to any withdrawal there is a detailed algorithmic and manual check on the activity and balance of the user to see if the amount withdrawn is a result of proper activity in the platform.

Under no circumstances may a user transfer funds directly to another user.

Once a customer has been Approved, the following actions attempted subsequent to approval will trigger a Follow-Up Due Diligence process:

– An attempt to add a second card or card that is not in the name of account holder; and/or

– An attempt to make a name change.